GCS2023 conference and school

SwissMAP research station, Les Diableret, Switzerland, Aug 28 – Sept 8, 2023

This will be a hybrid mode event: most speakers will be in-person, with some virtual speakers; about half of the participants will be in-person, and talks will also be live-streamed on Zoom. Videos will be archived on a youtube channel.

Further details will appear on the conference webpage and on the SwissMAP website.

Immediately preceeding GCS2023 there are two distinct events, a Nordita Program (August 14-25) and a conference in Regensburg (August 14-18). Although these events are logically separate, with different organizing teams and registrations, we purposefully scheduled these events close to each other to avoid too many transatlantic flights.


28 August – 1 September 2023: Research Conference


Anton Kapustin

Catherine Meusburger

Chelsea Walton

Christoph Schweigert

David Ayala

David Tong*

Kenneth Intriligator

Mathew Bullimore

Mayuko Yamashita

Owen Gwilliam

Peter Teichner

Ryan Thorngren

Sakura Schafer-Nameki

Zohar Komargodski*

(*to be confirmed)

3-8 September 2023: School


Constantin Teleman – The Mathematics of TQFTs and Defects

David Jordan – Applied Cobordism Hypothesis

Michele Del Zotto – Symmetry Categories 101

Shu-Heng Shao – Non-invertible Symmetries