Here we will collect a number of online resources related to our collaboration.

Lecture series by our PIs and Associates

  • Claudia Scheimbauer on “Dualizabitility, higher categories, and topological field theories”
    Claudia has given a series of seven lectures at the Copenhagen Center for Geometry and Topology. Dualizabitility, higher categories, and topological field theories In the past decade, using higher categories has proven to be an essential ingredient in the study of topological field theories (TFTs) from a mathematical perspective. The most prominent and seminal result is the Cobordism Hypothesis, which gives a beautiful classification of “fully extended” topological field theories. Here, fully extended means that our TFT can be evaluated at manifolds and bordisms of all dimensions below a given one; conversely, the mathematical language needed to describe the structure is […]
  • Dan Freed lectures on “Topics in field theory and topological phases of matter”
    Dan has given a series of lectures at the Korean Institute for Advanced Studies as part of a long running series organized by Minhyong Kim.
  • Theo Johnson Freyd on “Operators and higher categories in quantum field theory”
    Theo has given a lecture series at the Korean Institute for Advance Studies, as part of a long-running series organized by Minhyong Kim. The abstract for the talks read: I. A complete mathematical definition of quantum field theory does not yet exist. Following the example of quantum mechanics, I will indicate what a good definition in terms could look like. In this good definition, QFTs are defined in terms of their operator content (including extended operators), and the collection of all operators is required to satisfy some natural properties. II. After reviewing some classic examples, I will describe the construction […]